Giving Tree Grants

Through our signature Giving Tree Grant Program, the Community Foundation supports a broad range of projects with the potential for statewide impact and programs serving immediate local needs.

Each of our 27 affiliates offers Giving Tree grants at least once a year. Typically, these grants are available for a wide variety of charitable causes; sometimes, though, we’ll choose to target a particular need (like hunger relief or childhood nutrition). Check with the affiliate to which you’re applying for information about the current grantmaking focus.

We awarded approximately $727,000 in Giving Tree grants during our 2013 fiscal year. Learn more >>
Who’s Eligible
Where We’re Currently Making Grants
What We’re Looking For
What We're NOT Looking For
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Don't Forget Your Six-Month Report!

If you've received a Giving Tree grant, be sure to submit a grant report form within six months of receiving the grant. We want to know how your project is going and how you're using your grant.

 Download the grant report form here.

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